Dr. Nicola Tornaletti, Founder and Director

Our company specialises in delivering hands-on consultancy to food companies in the fields of Innovation and Quality Assurance.

What distinguishes us from other consulting companies?

1. We have many years of wide-ranging experience in the management of innovation and quality assurance programmes for brands such as Bertolli, Knorr, Calvè, Lipton, Proactive and Fiorucci, both in Italy and internationally.

2. We offer innovative services such as:

a. Management of Research, Development and Quality Assurance departments with a range of flexible contracts
This service is particularly interesting for businesses who are looking for an experienced professional to co-ordinate, develop, rationalise and improve their Innovation and Quality Assurance activities and resources without having to hire a full-time professional in a long-term contract.

b. Management of projects on continuous improvement and outsourcing at zero cost to the business.
For companies who want to optimise the budget dedicated to Quality Assurance, without reducing the quality of the output.

3. We also offer more traditional services such as:

a. Management of specific Research, Development and Innovation activities
We can help with development of your innovation strategy, its implementation both in terms of new technology and the launch of new products to the market.

b. Management of specific Quality Assurance activities such as:

  • Development/management of a Quality Management System
  • Support the achievement of its certification
  • Resolution of a specific quality problem
  • Manage the technical relationship with customers and institutions
  • Training of key personnel
  • Writing technical documents for international clients.
4. We promise to deliver consultancy that is fully integrated into your business processes generating expertise for the company as well as meeting the agreed objectives.

The company is based in Marino, on the outskirts of Rome. Our clients are based in Italy and worldwide. Contact us at